How to untie a card on aliexpress. How to remove card number from aliexpress.

  1. Why untie a card from AliExpress
  2. Alipay benefits
  3. What should I do if the attached card has become unusable and how can I remove it?

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If you have repeatedly bought products on AliExpress, then you probably noticed how, after successfully paying with your bank card, the system suggests attaching your card to an Alipay account. We will not dwell on the review of the payment system itself, but will we consider the procedure for decoupling your bank card from AliExpress.

Such large trading platforms as, or have long been offering their users to link payment accounts with a user profile. Aliexpress allows you to link a user account with an account in the Alipay payment system, and eBay offers to link your profile with the PayPal payment system. This is done primarily for the convenience of buyers.

After linking your bank card, you no longer have to enter all its data every time you try to pay, it saves you time, and if the card is not at hand, then this option is really indispensable.

But there are cases when, for some reason, an attached card must still be untied. There may be many reasons, ranging from banal security considerations, ending with the reluctance to “shine” your billing information to third parties, and maybe not at all, you tied your card by accident, because it is done in two clicks after the goods on aliexpress.

In order to untie the card from AliExpress, you need to go to your Personal Area Alipay payment system. Then make a list of the following actions:

  • Click on the tab "Settings" (Settings)
  • In the drop-down menu, click "Manage your cards" (Card Management)
  • In the new window that opens, we hover the mouse in front of our card and click "Remove card" (Remove card)

Thus, just in a few clicks, your card data will be deleted from the system, and the card will be unbound from Alipay. If necessary, you can always attach a new card by making any successful payment on aliexpress.

If you often make purchases on aliexpress, binding the card will save you a considerable amount of time, but there are also disadvantages.

Why untie a card from AliExpress

If you have made an order for aliexpress, but after receiving by any criteria it didn’t suit you, then if you pay with the Alipay payment system, the money will be returned to her, not to your bank card.

The second pretext for unlinking a card from AliExpress is that after returning funds to Alipay, the money on the balance sheet can be spent exclusively on other products, and unfortunately you cannot withdraw them. At least on this moment this is so, perhaps in the future the return to the card will be realized, as it is now done in Paypal, but there are no reasons for this.

Considering that the payment system closely interacts with the trading platform, and is interested in more sales on their part, it would be foolish to provide the possibility of withdrawing funds from the system, so the only way to date is unlinking a bank card from AliExpress.

Behind recent times On aliexpress, a lot of things have changed, in particular, it was announced. But behind the loud words, something completely different was hidden, and this in no way affected ordinary customers. Now, bypassing Alipay in the entire payment chain, it has become much easier with returns, because the money is returned straight to the card bypassing the Alipay internal account.

Now, bypassing Alipay in the entire payment chain, it has become much easier with returns, because the money is returned straight to the card bypassing the Alipay internal account

If you suddenly don’t know how to change the payment card for Aliexpress, after you turn off Alipay, then it becomes even easier than before - at the last stage of payment, select “Pay by card or other means” and enter the card you want to pay for.

It is not necessary to save it, but for those who often make purchases for aliexpress, the function is useful, you will not have to rush in search of the desired card before payment, all data will already be stored in the system, you will only need to select a card from the list of saved cards that you want to pay. .

Aliexpress is a Chinese online trading platform that has spread around the world at the level of the famous Ebay. The main advantage of Aliexpress is that you can pay through any payment system that is most convenient for you (by credit card or virtual wallets).

Most users pay for their purchases with a credit card, because the process is quite simple (everyone has a card, you do not need to leave home, you can check payment in a matter of seconds).

Enter the card data and buy the product, for convenience, you can attach it (after the purchase, the system prompts you to register with Alipay, so that each time you do not enter the number, name and surname, expiration date and CVV code).

Alipay benefits

  • Alipay is the official payment system for Aliexpress.
  • Possibility of payment on other Chinese online sites.
  • Save time. The purchase is actually carried out in one click.
  • Quick cash back as a result of winning a dispute between a buyer and a seller.

But there is one drawback - the funds are returned to Alipay, they cannot be transferred back to the bank card. You have the opportunity to use the amount only for purchases.

If you often use the Aliexpress store, the Alipay system is quite convenient, you will soon spend even returnable funds.

What should I do if the attached card has become unusable and how can I remove it?

As the holder of a bank card, you may encounter many problems: blocking, loss, forgotten pin-code. Or maybe you just decided to switch to service by another bank. In such cases, in order to quickly pay for Aliexpress, you will need to unfasten (remove) the previous card and attach a valid one.

The process of removing an associated card will take a minimum of time. The main problem encountered by users is a lack of understanding of where to look for the possibility of detaching. On Aliexpress you will not find this feature, but do not rush to get upset.

Log in to your account in Alipay.

Click on the "Settings" button on the top panel, select "Manage your cards".

You will see a list of cards that are tied to your account.

Click on the "Remove" button opposite the bank card you want to delete.

Click on the Remove button opposite the bank card you want to delete

A sign appears where you need to confirm your number. Click “Remove”.

In principle, you can not delete the previous one, because in Alipay there is an opportunity to tie up to five different cards (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard). To attach a new one, you need to make a purchase payment on Aliexpress, and then the system will offer to tie it. You will need to confirm the transaction with the Alipay payment password.

Enjoy using the Alipay payment system for shopping on Aliexpress!

Aliexpress is a website for Chinese goods, where you can make purchases quickly and economically. This can be done either with a PC or with a mobile phone. The aliexpress site is very popular in the world, and therefore the system is organized in such a way as to make it as convenient for customers as to both order and pay for the ordered goods.

It is on aliexpress to pay you can use different methods. If on many trading platforms only payment by credit card or cash to the courier is accepted, then aliexpress accepts various payments. These are webmoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi wallet, SMS from the phone, and direct payment by credit card.

In the aliexpress system, the Alipay payment system operates, making payments through which is beneficial and secure. Another advantage of this payment system is the ability to bind the selected bank card or even several to aliexpress. Binding a card to this type of payment is convenient, since every time you do not need to enter your data - card number, CVV code, etc. But there comes a time when the buyer wants to delete this data from the system. Often, many users cannot quickly deal with this serious matter, although in fact it is extremely simple to detach your card from the payment system to aliexpress - just a few steps, which we will describe in more detail, and the payment document data will not be in the system.

To disable this convenient at first glance service and untie a valid bank card from aliexpress, you need to first log in to the site under your own name. When a user has logged into his aliexpress account, he needs to open the “My Alipay” tab in the menu. In order not to search for this section for a long time, we will show where this tab is located on the site (photo 1).

When the tab of the payment system is open, you need to select the next one from the several highlighted icons - “edit cards”. Visually, it looks like this: (photo 2).

After opening this icon, data about the attached maps will appear to the user. To remove them, you need to follow the instructions, which also appear in front of the buyer. If there are several cards, and the client plans to untie only one of them, then you should select the desired card number, click on the “Delete” button and that’s all - your card data will no longer be in the aliexpress system. Visually, the detachment of a bank card is as follows: (photo 3).

But in any case, in order to remove the card and remove your data from the trading platform, you need to have a personal account in the Alipay system. To do this, you just need to register. And then you can safely use all the features. By logging into your office at Alipi, the user will be able to attach the card and, accordingly, delete it. All data - number, code, expiration date, etc. are used exclusively for the intended purpose. The administration of the Alipay partner site guarantees the integrity and security of all specified information. You can not worry about any fraudulent activities, as in case of loss of funds from the account of Alipay (and this almost never happens), the administration returns all finances.

Buying on aliexpress is convenient. Even beginners can confirm this. To many, due to inexperience, it seems that poor-quality translation from one language to another limits the possibilities for clients. But actually it is not. You can understand and place an order on aliexpress from the first time. To do this, you just need to carefully read all the information on this trading platform, and knowing some of the secrets of the site, each client already through a short time will be able to get their bargains at the nearest post office.

Many use bank cards for payment, as it is convenient and fast. Just knowing the number, CVV-code and the validity of this payment document, you can pay for any purchase without leaving your home.

We hope that Internet users and specifically clients of aliexpress once again made sure of the safety of purchases, since the payment data of a bank card is always possible to remove in just a minute and turn off the card itself.

As it turned out, everything is not so simple, but solved. You can, for example, install the AliPrice plugin and there is a button, clicking on which you will immediately get to AliPay:

In general, the Aliprice service is very interesting, I advise to REGISTER ON IT and try it in action, there are a lot of useful functions.

You can also just open the aliexpress.com website, go to your account and go to the menu MY ALIEXPRESS - MY ALIPAY:

After some time, you will receive a letter to the specified address with a link confirmation - go through it. Next, you need to go back to the Alipay profile and add the necessary information about yourself:

Next, you need to go back to the Alipay profile and add the necessary information about yourself:

It is necessary to fill in EXACTLY, as this is a serious matter, a separate site is not accidentally made, it is not aliexpress, but the site of the PAYMENT SYSTEM! Next, set up passwords:

Next, set up passwords:

After you have completed everything, go to the AliPay website - after the registration is completed, there will be a link to this section. After this we will see the following picture:

After this we will see the following picture:

Go to the MAP section indicated by the arrow in the picture. Well, I see a map of my friend, to remove it, you need to click on the inscription REMOVE:

Well, I see a map of my friend, to remove it, you need to click on the inscription REMOVE:

Here's how to untie a card from aliexpress, a bit complicated, but reliable. In the course of the answer to other popular questions in this category:

As you have probably guessed, you must first remove the old card, and then attach a new one. To do this, use ADD CARDS:

The question is not a bit correct, since it is not the card number that needs to be changed, but the card itself, everything is done as in the paragraph above. You must first remove the old card, and then attach a new one.

There are two ways: the simplest is to pay for the purchase with a card once, and she will become attached to the account, I had it that way. If this does not happen, then you need to act as described in the article, this is the most reliable option.

If you do not have something, then write in the comments, help than I can, always answer and all!

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